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Production & Data

The production of audiovisual images in combination with data is becoming increasingly important in sport and entertainment.

The development of traditional video recording, production and distribution processes in addition to technical innovations is becoming increasingly complex and fast – advanced technologies enable the automated production of unique interactive content.

The company Pixellot, the world’s leading provider of automated sports production and streaming solutions is a partner of NIEMANN. The technology of the automated camera system generates high-resolution panoramic images in 8K, which are produced by special algorithms. Using artificial intelligence, Pixellot offers its customers an intuitive and cost-effective tool for match analysis and highlight creation.


TV & Distribution

More and more people are using innovative technologies due to the growing range of entertainment on offer.

In the digital age, the distribution of content to users takes place constantly and via different devices.

Content is digitalised, stored, transmitted linearly and on-demand via various media: broadcasting, online, mobile, smart TV and streaming.

The signal path from the production site to the corresponding device is possible live and on-demand via fibre optics, satellite, cable or radio. NIEMANN advises and supports its customers in the planning, set-up and operation of TV stations and digital platforms.


Produktion und Streaming
von wöchentlichen
Fußball Formaten
mit Oliver Kahn
Smart TV App
auf Samsung
TV Geräten mit Fußball-Content
Aufbau und Betrieb von einem
Action Pay-TV Sender für SONY Pictures
Aufbau und Betrieb von einem
Anime Pay-TV Sender
für SONY Pictures
Hosting und Playout von Sport-Content über Satellit und Streaming

Digital User Experience

NIEMANN is shareholder of the software company NativeWaves in Salzburg and supports as Chief Revenue Officer the deals with licensors, broadcasters and platforms.

With its patented technology, NativeWaves synchronises various video and data streams with extremely low latency and bridges the world of TV and IP.

The concept of synchronous multi-feed enables customers to enjoy seamless personal entertainment and a promising experience with additional features.

B1 smartTV is a partner company of Native Waves based in Munich which runs SportWorld and BrandTV on Samsung smartTVs.