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There is hardly any other economic sector that has experienced such a rapid upswing and growth in recent years as professional sport.

The development in football is therefore becoming more and more capital intensive and requires innovative financing and investment concepts, especially in the times of COVID-19. Investors have recognised the sports investment sector as a high-yield asset class. From both a strategic and tactical point of view, the sports sector provides a promising platform for capital investment.

NIEMANN participates directly in companies and projects and has many years of experience in the structuring and financing of international projects.

At the end of the 1990s the VICTORY Media Group, at that time with Dr. Robert Niemann as shareholder and board member for marketing and sales, launched 23 media funds with equity capital of €500 million.

In 2017 NIEMANN initiated one of the first sports investment funds in Germany with BAFIN approval. The distribution partner was Bankhaus Donner & Reuschel with a target volume of €200 million.

Since 2019 Dr. Robert Niemann has been acting as Senior Advisor with a focus on sports investment for the American M&A company Lincoln International AG in Frankfurt. In this partner constellation, investments in football clubs or tech companies are evaluated and offered to investors.


Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are the central source of turnover and cash flow in commercial operations.

The importance of strong sales and marketing performance is evident in the competitive environment and especially in times of global crisis. Above average sales and marketing activities are therefore essential for economic growth and the successful survival of any company.

Dr. Niemann serves his clients with a wide range of experience in the field of branding, exploitation of media rights and licensing of technology.

NIEMANN markets personalities from sport and entertainment in a 360° approach.

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Based on Dr. Robert Niemann’s many years of experience, NIEMANN advises companies, associations, leagues, clubs and athletes.

The special fields of the consulting services include:

  • Definition of strategies and positioning for marketing and communication.
  • Transfer and use of classic TV know-how for new online, mobile and video-on-demand services.
  • System architecture, operation and marketing of multimedia platforms.